We have been on ELDs since 2010 and take pride in the technology we share between our office, our shop and our drivers to make our customers’ efficiencies prosper. Our experience has allowed us to embrace the technological opportunities for our customers because it’s a great benefit and moves us all in the same direction of growing success.

Our Technology:

Omnitracs Mobile-Comm Units

  • Location purposes
  • Hours of Service compliance
  • All operational communication
  • MPG performance tracking

Auxiliary Power Units (APUs)

  • To abide by state-specific anti-idling laws
  • To decrease our idle percentage below 10%
  • Comfort to our drivers while out on the road

I-Shift Transmissions

  • Increased fuel efficiency
  • To increase safety by having one less thing for the driver to think about without gear shifting
  • Driver convenience

Trailer Skirting

  • Reduced fuel mileage
  • Less fuel bought effecting our planet

Disc Brakes on Trailers

  • Easier, faster braking in hard-braking scenarios
  • To help loads get to their destinations in the best condition
  • Less frozen brakes in our wintery weather
  • To cut down on maintenance (half the time for a brake job)

SmartDrive Event Recording Cameras

  • For rewarding our drivers on safe driving maneuvers
  • For the overall safety of our drivers and the general public
  • Click here to listen to Barry Pottle talk about the importance of Event Recorders

Awards & Recognition

  • Environmental Merit Award from the U.S. EPA
  • Long-time partner with Smartway Transport Partnership (EPA)