Shops located in Bangor, Maine & Allentown, Pennsylvania

  • 15 Page Road West, Hermon, ME 04401
  • 170 Gensinger Road, Kutztown, PA 19530: Click here for more info on Pottle’s Sales & Service

Technicians with Experience and Knowledge

We provide 24/7/365 access for our drivers, and the general public to make sure they are taken care of at all times. We are blessed to have some of the best technicians in the state working on our equipment every day.  Our technicians are a smart, dedicated team who make all decisions based on safety which has paid dividends to our fantastic CSA scores.

Driver Training


We provide all of our drivers with the Sta-Rat tool that helps with pulling tandems. Please watch and learn how to use it properly to help save you time and energy out on the road!


All of our Volvos have the I-Shift transmission. Please enjoy this video to learn a little more about the transmission you use every day!


Fuel efficiency means a lot to us! Just another reason we choose Volvo!


We have been using Omnitracs (formerly known as Qualcomm) for more than a decade. 100% of our company trucks have been on E-Logs for over four years now. Watch this video to see just how the MCP 50 units work & why we use them!


We are now purchasing all new trailers with disc brakes. We have about 117 new Utility trailers that are being put into our fleet with disc brakes and we’re excited to see how they help in hard-braking scenarios. Please contact our shop if you have any questions on these.

Preventative Maintenance & Servicing

Our maintenance department keeps our equipment up-to-date with preventative maintenance while servicing not only our company trucks and trailers but also our owner operators and carriers, if needed.  All trucks are created to make the drivers feel as comfortable as possible while out on the road.

Our trucks have come a long way, and by working with the top brands in the industry, we have been able to design our trucks to be safe, dependable, and comfortable for our drivers. We have a great relationship with Volvo, Utility Trailer, and Freightliner, who all go above and beyond for our equipment whether it’s out on the road or at our home terminal.

Here is why we choose Volvo to be our leading truck brand: